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There justify Sandra Dewi Nude Photos in laptop ariel? and its joint Porn Videos Dozens of other Artist, But the Party Police declined to give explanations about the emergence of the artist's name Sandra Dewi, a goddess sandra nude photos stored on laptops Ariel, who examined as evidence. Headquarters assess the information that has become part of an investigation that must be kept secret. "If the matter does not want to love the information. Even if it's true, I'm not going to say, "said Pol Marwoto Kombes Soeto, Head of Public Information Police at Police Headquarters.

Police also refused to explain the existence of 23 other videos in the news these laptops. "It also did not know. I do not know, money is clearly there on their computers, "he said. "Do not know exactly. That remains the process of investigation. Yeah we just wait first how PeterPorn This continuation of the story, for those of you who want to see photos Sandra Dewi nih there are some nice photo of him if seen: D

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Nude Photo Sandra Dewi


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